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Modern frontend development is a very dynamic and turbulent sphere. Lots of new frameworks, tools, approaches appear every day. And information about them is often chaotic, unstructured and sometimes incomplete. Here you will find reviews of tools and workflows, tutorials and guides. We focus onto helping you to start and improve your day-to-day frontend development routines and to write clear, maintainable JS code, CSS and HTML.

How to do things while working as a frontend developer? How to structure your stylesheets and code so that they remain maintainable? How to properly and on-time use all the tools? What are essential elements of daily created web components, like form validations, accessibility, cross-browser testing, etc? We structure this information into overviews and tutorials, categorized by level and main topic like CSS or Javascript.

Who are we

Ana Makarochkina

After a long journey in cultural studies and management science, Ana realized that code speaks louder than words. Since that time her major areas of focus are Vim, React, and Tachyons. She likes to write overviews of approaches to frontend development and cats.

Takako Nakajima

Cat person. Gluten-free. Oil painting major, 4 years of design work experience. People in Web development are self-driven, she is an eager learner as well, she likes people in the industry. Her current favorites are JavaScript and SVG animation.

Kate Venedyukhina

Kate is a graphic designer and digital illustrator. After studying business management at Langara, she decided to pursue a more creative career and learn graphic design and web development. In her free time, she likes baking, drawing, and playing guitar.

Annie Phan

Annie Phan is a computer science graduate from Kwantlen Polytechnic University where she has studied setting networks in businesses; computer hardware and architecture; web servers and code. Presently, she is at BCIT for New Media and Web Applications programs where she is now learning design principles, front-end coding, and knowledge of Adobe products. She also enjoys late night gaming and bubble tea!